Lethbridge Airport

website is establshed to provide a single source for all information regarding the YQL Municipal Airport in Southern Alberta just south of the City of Lethbridge. The goal of this site is to list all of the information pertaining to the Lethbridge airport that a visitor may wish to access. Because we are not affiliated with the Lethbridge Airport, our information is completely objective and designed to fairly reflect the opinions and advice of ourselves, other local citizens, and other local businesses. This will include; the arrival and departure schedule of all Airlines which service the Lethbridge airport on a scheduled basis, weather at the Lethbridge airport including the forecast for the next few days, a directory of Lethbridge businesses and services which are available at or near the Lethbridge airport, a list of accomodations in the Lethbridge area, including hotels, motels, bed and breakfast, and long stay properties, and finally a link to a directory of Lethbridge businesses which in some way rely upon or service the Lethbridge Airport of the travellers who arrive or depart from it.


Lethbridge Business

If you have a business that would like to be listed on this website in any of the above categories, please contact us and we can add you to our site. We can build you a page, add you a page to this site, or build an entire site from scratch. We would even consider selling or leasing this website to interested parties. Feel free to contact us in confidence at 403.330.3039

Lethbridge Municipal Airport

With the recent interest in trying to rejuvinate the Municipal Airport (the Lethbridge Municipal Airport is operated by the County of Lethbridge) the amount of interest from consumers and customers is likely to increase. We have noticed that our Lethbridge airport website has been getting hundreds of visitors each month. I assume these people are looking for the Offical Lethbridge Airport Website but are unable to find it partially due to its poor construction, shitty domain name, and complete lack of SEO. If you have actually seen the page you will know what I mean. All the social marketing in the world will not save them from having to tear down that site and have a proper one built.


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